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Onsite Helper is a Melbourne based IT support service catering for the needs of medium-sized businesses. Since 2005, we have been business IT support providers to clients all throughout Victoria. We work with businesses across a wide range of industries including (but not limited to) the financial, legal, retail and hospitality sectors.

We Understand You!

Onsite Helper understands how frustrating and costly it can be when your IT systems fail to function the way you expect them to. It can be a challenge for anyone to keep their computer fully protected from the countless threats that surface every day.

At Onsite Helper, our ambition is to assist you with all your IT needs by providing you with personalised solutions. Our goal is to become a valuable and trusted partner to you in effectively managing all of your technological concerns by providing you with a service that is second to none. In fact, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our Unique Service

  • Provide a unique and personalized service that retail chains can’t offer
  • Have the aim to educate our clients so that they get the most out of our services
  • Service and operate locally, so you can expect prompt and professional service
  • Give each customer the personal attention they deserve
  • Pride ourselves on our passion for IT and our experience in the industry reflects this


A friendly voice will greet you whenever you call us. First and foremost, we will listen to you before we apply our knowledge to help your business back on track.

What to expect

  • If your issue is not urgent (stopping you from working), Onsite Helper will collect details about your issue and lodge them into a queue. We aim to resolve all jobs within 24 hours.
  • Managed Services or Google Apps Gold Packaged clients will receive priority service and have access to 24-hour emergency response. We aim to resolve the issue on first call.
  • Your calls will be answered professionally and promptly by one of our staff members.
  • Wherever possible, a single support team representative will take ownership of your problem until it’s resolved to your satisfaction. If they are unavailable, ownership of your call will be taken by another qualified representative who can assist you.
  • For a complex issue, we will provide you with a clear timeline of what will happen and when the issue will be resolved.

As medium-sized business IT support providers, whether you use our services a little or you use our services a lot, we promise to take good care of you all the same. We will get to know your business and look after your interests as if they are our own. You will get the best value with the solutions we provide you.

What to expect

  • No matter what time of the day or how you contact us, we will always get back to you promptly.
  • We are straight talkers so we will tell you what we really think in the solutions we provide you. We will tell you the components which are essential to resolve your issues and those which are ideal but optional. All proposals are written in plain language with a transparent pricing structure so you understand all the services and changes.
  • We deal directly with wholesalers for hardware and software which means you will get the best price for these items.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs but we do not claim to be experts in all things IT. For aspects of jobs outside our expertise, we liaise with experts in that area for assistance. If we believe we cannot do right by you, we will always recommend you to someone who can and advise accordingly.

What to expect

  • Clear communication about what we can do and where we need assistance from the experts.
  • Where we engage experts, we will provide you with a quote on the costs and ask for your approval before we proceed.

We understand and know how to work IT and we believe you can too without being overly bogged down in the jargon. As business IT support providers, we work on the basis of keeping things simple. If we make it easier for you to understand and use your IT system, the less you will need us for the small things.

What to expect

  • Onsite Helper offers an IT systems audit for first-time clients so we can assess and simplify the setup and usage of that system. This maximises efficiency, increases ease of usage for staff and lowers operational costs for the business.
  • Free training resources are available on our website regarding F.A.Q’s on the systems you use. We frequently update our resources to keep you updated.
  • Onsite Helper provides affordable structured training.
  • Quick and easy communication. You can call, email or submit job requests through our portal. 
  • We keep you up to date on new IT features and products that can improve your business.

Our technicians are professional, approachable, confidential and careful. That is the impression we want to leave our technicians with you.

What to expect

  • Sincere apology at times the job may take a little longer than expected. We’re taking that extra care to ensure that your IT system is ok.
  • Onsite Helper takes appointments seriously. You can expect our very best to meet appointments. If for whatever reason we will be more than 15 minutes late, we will call you to advise you.
  • We do our best to keep your business operational even if it means working late, after hours or on weekends.
  • Where there is a genuine IT disaster, getting you back up and running is our number one priority.
  • When we do work we always make sure your data is safe and secure. We are discreet with your confidential information including your usernames and passwords.

Onsite Helper has systems and processes which streamlines our business operations. However, we are flexible when required and have a willing attitude to see to a positive resolution to all situations.

What to expect

  • Options to reduce your costs such as the option to drop off a desktop rather than charging for a pick-up.
  • Payment options that will save you time and money such as direct debit and purchase of prepaid hours.
  • We have set business hours that we work but understand that some things just can’t wait. We work around the clock to get you back on your feet.

 IT systems are complex. Mistakes and problems happen even for medium-sized business IT support providers such as ourselves. We want you to notify us as soon as possible when this happens. You can call, email, instant message (Google hangout) or submit a support request on our online booking system. More often than not, the problem is resolved. As a result, all parties are happy. This is because we try our very best to resolve the situation to your expectation. If you are on Managed Services or Google Apps Gold Packages, we have a Standard Level Agreement with you.

What to expect

  • Where you have a query on any of our invoices, contact our accounts manager who will assist you. We aim to resolve all queries within 10 working days.
  • In the situation that you are unsatisfied with our standard of work, we would like to hear from you. Your business is important to us and we will rectify the work to your expectations if given the opportunity.
  • Where you have a complaint, we will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receipt and offer you a solution in writing within 5 working days.
  • If we cannot, for whatever reason, offer you a solution within this period, we will let you know.

Onsite Helper is always looking for ways to improve. We want to hear your opinions and views about how we perform – good or bad. Your opinion is important to us and it helps us improve what we do for you.

What to expect

  • We will provide you with the opportunity to give us feedback, compliments or comments on our work. You can do this by completing our feedback forms

We are business IT support providers. Onsite Helper recognises that we are part of the problem when it comes to the usage of resources such as power, paper and ink contributing to carbon emissions and climate change – knowing that, we want to be part of the solution.

What to expect

  • Onsite Helper will continue to assist businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through the solutions we provide to you.
  • We look for the most affordable energy-efficient systems to provide to you.
  • Solutions for paperless offices such as electronic faxes.
  • Solutions that reduce ink usage in printers and photocopies while saving you money.
  • We will do our work remotely which reduces our need to drive to places and so use fossil fuels.


Accounts and Operations Manager

A trustworthy, bright and hardworking individual is required to fill the position as Accounts and Operations Manager with IT support services company Onsite Helper.

The role is 2-4 days per week depending on workload and salary will be based on experience. You must be available to start in the first week of December. The role is best suited for a recent graduate in commerce/accounting looking to up skill. You will be working closely with the CEO and under the supervision of the CFO.

Senior Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Full-time position
  • Researching, analysing, evaluating, and monitoring network infrastructure to ensure networks are configured to operate at optimal performance.
  • Assessing and recommending improvements to network operations and integrated hardware, software, communications, and operating systems.
  • Providing network programming in support of specific business needs and requirements.
  • Monitoring network traffic, and activity, capacity, and usage to ensure continued integrity and optimal network performance.
  • Supporting IT managed customers’ infrastructure environments and providing escalated support from team members and service desk teams.
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation and knowledge base for customer environments.
  • Installing, configuring, managing and supporting Cloud and On-Premise IT systems and services.
  • Contributing to enterprise IT governance, risk and compliance outcomes – including cyber security, business continuity, and backup and disaster recovery. 
  • Leading critical IT projects and contributing to continuous improvement and innovation initiatives.
  • Performing onsite maintenance and troubleshooting when required. 
  • Any other relevant duty as directed by management.

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