3 Google Drive Updates That You Need to Know About – June 2022

One of the best reasons to migrate to Google Workspace is that Google always strives to improve the quality of the Google Workspace Apps. They do this by continuously rolling out helpful Google Drive updates and other updates to the Google Workspace Apps. Some of these updates are often groundbreaking while others are simple improvements to the quality of life for the users (like simple keyboard shortcuts) of Google Workspace Apps.

Onsite Helper, Australia’s leading Google partner, is here to share with you the latest updates to Google Drive. These updates are helpful for basic personal use as well as corporate use.

Read about other Google Workspace updates here, rolling out this 2022.

New Google Drive Updates as of June 2022

Google Drive Update #1: File location information

Google added a new column in Google Drive that shows the location information of the file. Previously, you could only view the file name, owner, size, and modification date. Now, you can see the location of the file in Search, Recent, Starred, and Trash web views in Google Drive.

Google Drive Update - File Location Information

This feature allows you to easily differentiate files with similar names that are stored in different locations. As a result, you can find the files you’re looking for at a much faster rate. Additionally, users can read more about Google Drive file accessibility here.

This update is available to all Google Workspace and legacy G Suite customers.

Google Drive Update #2: Cut, Copy, and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Drive Update - Cut, Copy, Paste

You can now use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V to copy, cut, and paste files on Google Drive Web. This allows you to better navigate and organise your files in Google Drive when using your browser. The Mac alternatives are also already available.

This simple update is long overdue. With this, you can now save time as well as increase productivity by moving your files around across multiple tabs with fewer clicks. Moreover, when you copy a file, you also copy its link and title. This allows you to easily paste documents into an email with ease.

Additionally, using Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V will create a shortcut. This can help you organise your files without having to create copies as well as duplicates. Lastly, you can now open multiple files at once in multiple tabs by using Ctrl + Enter.

This update is available to all Google Drive users.

Google Drive Update #3: Copy client-side encrypted documents

Google Drive Update - Copy client-side encrypted documents

You can now create copies of client-side encrypted Docs, Sheets, as well as Slides. When the copies of the encrypted files are made, the encryption will be preserved. This makes it easier to leverage existing content as a baseline for new encrypted documents.

This update is available to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, as well as Education Plus customers.

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