Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office

Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office

The release of the new Google Drive plug-in means that users of Office for Windows are now able to open and directly make changes to Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents saved in Google Drive. Previously, users had to convert Office files into Google Drive compatible files such as Docs, Sheets or Slides in order to edit them online which is known to play havoc with the formatting. Otherwise, Office documents were only able to be saved but not edited in Google Drive.

The new plug-in also allows for working documents, spreadsheets or presentations sitting on your desktop to be directly synced for saving and editing in Google Drive directly from the Office apps. This is a great leap forward for users of Office to share files across platforms and devices. Click here to get the plug-in today!

Office ribbon
The plug-in adds the Google Drive menu to the Office menu bar, and Open, Save, and Share options to the Office ribbon.
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Office File menu
The plug-in also adds a Google Drive submenu to the Office File menu. (Office 2007/2010) Click File (Office 2010) or Office button (Office 2007) > Google Drive, to access the same Drive options that are available in the Office ribbon. (Office 2013) Click File, then an option (for example Open or Save), to view the Google Drive submenu.

Automatic revision control
When you revise an Office file stored on Drive, a new version of the file is automatically created. You can track previous versions of an Office file, or retrieve an older version. See View and manage file versions.

To install the Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office on your computer:

  1. In your web browser, go to the Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office download page.
  2. Double-click DriveForOffice.exe and click Run to install the plug-in.
  3. Start an Office application.
  4. On startup, at the Welcome screen, click Get Started, then sign in to your Google Account.
  5. On the Authorization page, click Accept. This gives the Drive plug-in permission to access your Drive documents.

If you need any help setting this up, please get in touch with us today. or call 03 9999 3106

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