Top 10 ways to use Google Apps in Retail

Learn how retailers are using Google Apps to increase store associate engagement, drive revenue, and bring products to market faster.

1. Securely create and manage digital brand assets for the entire company.
drive-128The amount of digital content created and managed by retailers continues to grow exponentially. Publish lookbooks for the latest product line. Manage rich-media assets like images, logos, and videos across every retail channel. Create and distribute catalogues. Google Drive
syncs to the cloud so everyone’s always accessing the most up-to-date content, and its sharing features and access controls make working with external ad agencies and vendors simple and secure.
Customer video: Astley Clark
Try it: Interactive Drive demo
Learn how: Drive
2. Train your store workers anytime, anywhere, from any device.
hangouts-128Training store workers across many locations, shifts, and products? It’s easy to create a self-service training portal. Just store all your product launch videos, marketing campaigns, promotions, store return policies, and safety procedures in Google Drive, then embed these stored files in Google Sites. If you need live training, conduct a virtual training class across the globe with
Google Hangouts
to save time and travel costs. You can even record the training to make it available on-demand later!
Customer video: EAT.
Learn how: Drive | Sites | Hangouts
3. Empower corporate and store workers with social networks.
hangouts-128Use Google+ social communities within the organization to help employees learn from each other, share ideas to increase in-store sales, generate best practices, provide feedback on new products, and create a sense of community.
Customer video: Woolworth’s
Learn how: Google+
4. Increase store sales with better store associate effectiveness and world class service.
drive-128Provide store associates with the tools they need to best serve customers from the store floor. Whether answering customer questions or providing recommendations, store associates can use their phones or tablets to access product specifications, promotions, videos, and FAQs stored in Google Drive andGoogle+. If customers or associates need other expert opinions, they can reach out to their peers by posting a question on Google+
Customer video: Design Within Reach
Learn how: Drive | Google+
5. Manage store operation processes online, from any device.
forms-128Streamline your business processes by moving all your operations and processes online. With Google Forms, you can create electronic forms for product recalls, time off requests, ordering supplies, acknowledgements of company policies, and more in just a few minutes. These forms are easy to update and can be accessed from kiosks, computers, or mobile devices.
Customer video: Ocado
Learn how: Forms
6. Manage tasks and schedules for all stores and employees online.
forms-128Tracking tasks and schedules across multiple stores and hundreds of employees can be time consuming. Use
Google Sheets and Google Calendar together to create a dynamic schedule—plan and distribute tasks, track their completion, manage exceptions, and more, all in one place. Store workers can access these schedules remotely from their mobile devices or through any web browser. Need feedback or updates on a task? Employees can directly add comments and change their statuses in Google Sheets.
Customer video: Tiger Lily
Learn how: Sheets | Calendar
7. Access important company information any time, from any device.
forms-128Keep all internal news, executive blog posts, project schedules, product documents, local and store-wide promotions, online forms, training content, and more in a single
Google Sites
website. Now your organization has a one-stop destination for all important information, which any employee (or just a select group) can access any time, from any device.
Customer video: All Saints
Learn how: Sites
8. Recruit, interview, and onboard store workers quickly.
forms-128Retailers experience very high employee turnover, so shortening the recruiting and onboarding process improves the bottom line. After interested candidates submit their information through Google Forms, you can conduct interviews with your top choices from anywhere in the world with Google Hangouts. Then, streamline the onboarding process with a Google Sites website containing new employee checklists and onboarding tasks.
Customer video: EAT.
Learn how: Learn how: Forms
| Hangouts | Sites
9. Bring products to market faster with increased supplier collaboration and management.
apps_for_work-128Collaborate and share product designs, quality guidelines, KPIs, and mock-ups in a secure workspace using
Google Drive. Manage activities with a shared task list in Google Sheets or a shared team
Calendar. Crowd-source feedback on product designs and materials from employees, suppliers, and plants in
. Hold live video meetings with your suppliers in Google Hangouts to improve communications and reduce cycle time.
Customer video:
Learn how: Drive | Sheets | Calendar | Google+ | Hangouts
10. Manage and track store construction projects.
apps_for_work-128Stores are constantly changing their physical footprint; whether you’re opening a new store or rebuilding your space, coordinating every task with various internal departments and outside contractors is a challenge. Collaborate on task assignments and timelines in shared Google Sheets
and Calendar. Different locations between teams isn’t an issue either—just hold virtual meetings anytime, anywhere with Google Hangouts
Customer video: Tory Burch
Learn how: Sheets | Calendar | Hangouts

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