How To Record Chromebox for Meetings

One question I’m often asked by my clients who use Google Chromebox for Meetings is whether meetings should be recorded and how can it be done.
There are many reasons why recording your meetings is beneficial, some of which include:

  • Remove the need to take notes during meetings as you can review the recording of the meeting at a later date.
  • Save time by sending the recording to someone to create minutes and action items to be emailed to attendees.
  • Make available for those who could not attend or were late to the meeting a copy to review.
  • Have a private archive of recorded meetings that are easily accessible for future reference.

By default, there isn’t an option to record your meetings when you startup Chromebox for meetings. However there are a few extra steps you can take to enable recording which involves creating a Hangout On Air to record to your own PRIVATE youtube.
See this video below on how to do this.

Quick instruction reference

    1. Start Google Chromebox for meeting
    2. During bootup press Control + Alt + S to boot into Chrome operating system rather than Hangouts
    3. Sign in with email and password
    4. Open Google+
    5. Click Google Hangouts
    6. Start a Hangout on Air
    7. Create the Hangout
    8. Start the Hangout meeting
    9. Invite external guests who will be active in the meeting
    10. Click Start Broadcasting to begin recording to youtube
    11. When finish the meeting email the URL of the youtube recorded meeting

Remember that all these recordings are NOT freely accessible to anyone accessing youtube; the person creating the meeting is the only one who initially has access to these PRIVATE recordings until they otherwise grant access to others.

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