Google Drive to backup your computer

With the recent release of Google Drive for Work specially designed for business plus more, businesses can now take advantage of the generous new features to maximise work efficiency and services offered to clients.
Two of the main features of Google Drive for Work include increased data storage to 1 Terabyte in Google Drive for each user for 1 to 4 users. Where there are 5 or more users, Google offers unlimited storage on Google Drive. Further, Google Vault is also offered as part of the package. Google Vault is an “eDiscovery” service which is used to archive/backup of all emails and Google Drive data. Onsite Helper have determined a great way to to make the best use of this increase in storage and backup facility by using Google Drive as an offsite data backup for all important data on computers.
We often find that most businesses do not have sufficient backups in place even if they do operate mostly out of the cloud. Due to bad habits, users are still storing important data on their desktop, my documents folder and other places on the hard drive. We often recommend using Google Drive as an offsite data backup for important data to overcome this issue.
The same method can be used for important personal data such as family photos and music. One thing to be very mindful of when using Google Drive and other data backup tools is the data allowance of the internet provider. This system is not recommended for use where users are using a mobile broadband service such as a 4G usb broadband dongle due to the data limit and it becoming very expensive when going over the data allocation.
Google Drive for Work is a very affordable offsite data backup solution as it only costs an additional $5 per account per month to upgrade from regular Google Apps but provides users with so much more features.
I have created a video below on the process of setting up backups in this manner on Windows based computer. An Apple Mac video will be available soon.

Please speak to us if you need help implementing this or would like to upgrade you Google Apps account. Drop us an email on or give us a call 03 99993106.

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